Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Share and share alike

Yes! I get to hangout in MomMom's room and watch Disney!

This activity is usually reserved for Tegan.

She's going to have to accept the fact that
I am getting older and therefore, eligable
for more mature activities!

Uh oh. Here she comes!

Whoa, what's he doing up here?

Just picking my toes...

I see I am going to have to set the little guy straight!

Listen here buddy, here are the rules:

You are not allowed to steal MomMom's spot. That's my job. The remote control is mine. Got it?


What's a remote control?

Being a big sister has it's perks!
For once, I'm the boss!

I can't really move around in that bed so MomMom's spot is yours....for now!

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