Friday, March 11, 2011

an irish blessing from God

I plan my dinner menus for two weeks at a time so that I spend money strategically on the ingredients that I will need. Today I noticed that next thursday is St. Patrick's day and my menu needed updating. Recently my oldest sister told me that we were indeed part Irish, which I never knew, thinking I had only the blood of English and polish decent, I was pleased. So, today I was looking online to see which of my stores had corned beef on sale and set out at lunch to pick one up. I found a dandy one for only $4.88! Wow, I thought, the luck of the Irish is with me today!
When I self-checked my delectable Irish protein, the price came up as 14.89! I hit the Help button to inform a cashier that I had been wronged! After hitting a few buttons, the cashier said, you are actually getting this for free! For free? God is surely smiling down on me today!

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