Thursday, August 16, 2012

Down time

After a busy day of swimming and playing,
I like to relax and do my sticker books!

Of course I can always ask MomMom a million "Why" questions!
  Stuff I need answers to!

In fact, there really isn't a "switch" to turn me off!

After a day of swimming, I like to relax!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Summertime blues!

Summer's nearly over....

To think I stayed on the beach a few weeks ago!

Then I discovered how awesome the water was!

Now look at me, a regular Michael Phelps!

I may even top his record one day!

Sigh.  Life is good!

I've got to say goodbye to summer and welcome in fall soon...

That sucks.

Beach Baby

I love this lake!

It's good to bask in the warm sun and float in the water!

Plus, it gets my feet good and clean!


Finally, I get to make crafts again. 
 MomMom is going to let buddy use a glue stick!

Look, I get to make scary spiders and stuff!

And even used the Elmers school glue!

Look what we made!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012



We got them cuz we were sooooo good!


Blue tongue!

A dip in the pool to get rid of the sticky! 

All clean!

On the Court

Playing basketball with Tegan can be trying....

Buds can't beat me cuz I'm bigger!

Sorry Tegan, you fouled!  I get the ball!

Hmmphf!  I'll show him how to play this game!

In fact, I'm gonna score big and often!

Two points!

Bed Bugs!

Hulking out!~

BooBoo-ing in style!

A quiet lunch with MomMom


Buddy:  I can't get these darn apples open!

My two well behaved grandchildren!

High fives and Hugs!

Wow, Jeffry Giraffe is huge!

High five!

Ok, a hug too!

Sawyer stands in awe!

He gives Jeffry a big hug too!

Buddy's first movie

Looking good, going into the theater!  Madagasgar 3 is playing!

Popcorn, soda and a laffy taffy!  I'm good to go!

The kids and I went to Holdiday Cinema to see Madagascar 3 on Saturday,
July 29th.  I was worried about Sawyer's fear of the dark but he was in awe at what he saw on the big screen!  It was Tegan who got restless, so after an hour 15 minutes, we noisily left the theater.  When we got to the lobby, I saw that BudBud was shoeless, so we had to trek back in the dark, me, on the floor with my cell phone looking for his little black sneakers!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Corn Doll

Muddle Puddles

Guess where we are standing?

Right smack dab in the middle of a muddle puddle!

We just stand here and jump up and down, 
splashing water!

          In the rain!