Friday, June 29, 2012

First Pet?

I snuck this lightning bug that I caught in the house!

At last, I finally have a pet of my own!

See, she's at home already!

Come to Mama, smooch, smooch.

Hot fun in the Summertime

Maybe some cute babes will pass by!

Does this koolaid mustache make me look older?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sea legs

Here I am, making the leap from land to sea!

Hey, it's not so bad out here!

Tegan will help me navigate the uncharted waters of lake Cunningham!

 Wow, it's actually kind of cool!

In fact, it's way cool!

I just can't get over that I am in the lake!


Look Who Is Two years old!

Well, folks!  The kid made it two the ripe old age of two!

 Technically speaking, it is a milestone!

Ah yes, the terrible twos. 
 These people aren't going to know what hits them.  

Is this whole cake for me?

Can I just dive right in?

No such luck!  But onto the gifts!

Wow, a whole giant bag full of toys!

This may take awhile.  I'm glad Tegan is helping!

Bottom of the bag!  Last one!

Being two is gonna rock!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Haircut

Hey everybody, look at my new Doo!

 I hope the ladies will still like me!

Two Kids and a Fountain

                     Sawyer and I are just relaxing at this fountain!

After playing at the bouncy place and in the play area, I need a rest!

                                Relax, scmilax, look at all those coins!

         Buddy, Buddy, Buddy.  There's more to life than money!
                             Like being cute and fashionable!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bad dreams and memories

Tegan is now telling me in the morning about her bad dreams. I am going to have to jot them down because her dreams are pretty wild! She is also now saying to me "Do you remember when ___________". Of course, I really don't remember most of what she remembers but she loves to recall events. I am always amazed at her growing vocabulary and expanding knowledge. She loves to be in the water and even tried to hold her nose this weekend and put her head underneath. Sawyer is still a land lover but at the end of the day he did walk through the water a bit. When we drop them off at Noah and Shannon's, we usually get several rounds of hugs and kisses from both kids. Last Sunday, buddy puckered his lips so tight for his kisses, it was so cute. I need to get a picture of that, he looks like a little turtle.

Bubbly fun!

What better thing to do on a summer day
 but to clean toys in a pail of soapy water!

And maybe we will get clean in the process!

Buddy: You can take my picture, 
but I'm going to close my eyes!

Sometimes MomMom let's me help her do the dishes!

But this is much more fun!

What's better than a pail of soapy water?

Two pails of soapy water!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Lightning Bugs!

Look!  I caught a lightning bug with my own bare hands!!!

These bugs are better than glow sticks!

Look, it's lighting up!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thoughts about Grandchildren


Grandchildren are our second chance
to pour out all that love that is trapped inside,
the love our own kids don’t have time for anymore.
The love we have time for, now that we’re older
and finally know how to love without expectations and boundaries.
We can smother our grandkids with unconditional love,
ply them with kisses and hugs and let them know how positively wonderful
they really are!
Grandchildren are the twinkling stars in the quiet twilight of a Grandparent’s life.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Do you know what I think of the park?

It's just duckie!

Such a big girl!

I am a big girl and I can do big girl activities at the park!

Of course, I have to look adorable in the process!

I just love hanging out in the park!

In fact, we call this park "Tegan's Park!!!"

Monday, June 11, 2012

A True, Blue Princess

Behold!  Tis the fair maiden of Utica,
 with her faithful squire, Sawyer!

A curtsy is in order!

Alas! Is that my prince charming in the distance?

All the princes are after me!

No, tis merely a commoner.

Sigh...someday my prince will come.

I'll just stand here and wait!

And wait!

No prince today!
  Guess I'll take a happy nappy!