Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sawyer's homecoming

Kisses for baby!
Yeah, my brother is home!
He's my baby brother and I get to feed him!
He drinks a baba just like me!
Here, let me help get that bottle in.
Feeding time!
Three peas in a pod, and Sawyer looks like a peapod!

Mommy and baby

Shannon and her new little love.
May I sleep, please?
Yes, I have eyes!

Sunday, June 27th

Yea, I guess there's room for one more since he's so cute!
Nurse, please bring me a snack!
Sleeping after eating...
I have my sister's cheeks!
MeMe performs her grandmotherly inspection! 10 toes check! She said Sawyer is the spitting image of Noah!
Burp, please!
Dad will bring up the burp!

Saturday, June 26th

Mom, Dad and baby are well!

He is very quiet and very sleepy! When will we see the little guy's eyes!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Welcome to the world Sawyer!

Kiss for luck!
Shannon and Noah are so ready to have their baby!
Welcome to the world Sawyer!
Who turned on the lights?

Wrapped and ready to meet Mommy!
Hi Mommy!
The sweetest little bundle!
Can there be anything cuter?
The happy family!
Look, I have my Daddy's earlobes!
I'm 'this' big!
I'm glad I'm done with that fetal position...a guy likes to stretch you know!
That's what I'm talking about!
How's a guy supposed to sleep with all of these wires and probes?
Diapered up and ready to go!
Shannon holds her son for the first time.
Whoa, he's way smaller than Tegan!
The happy grandma!
Sawyer looks like he doesn't like formula!
Daddy takes over!
Tegan meets her little brother. She's waving to him!
Yep, he's my brother!
Noah and the little guy.
Is he mine Daddy? Can I have him?
I think Tegan loves him...
She measures his head, as any good big sister would do.
Tegan gives Sawyer a big kiss!
The proud grandfather...
This reminds me of a picture of Bryan with Shaun 28 years ago. It's nice to see Bryan come full circle with his first grandson.
Uncle Shaun is thinking world cup for his new nephew!
Laura loves him too!
Mom wonders if he's going to be a good sleeper. So far, so good!
Sawyer is just going to take it easy today.