Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cunningham falls lake, Memorial Weekend

I love swimming in the water.
  MomMom calls me her little water bug!

It's nice to just sit and chill out!

Or make a big splash!

Buddy won't come in the water since this is
his first time.

Wow, I am finally at the famed "Cunningham Falls"

This is where all the action is!

Oh, my I can't believe my eyes!

Great time of day, she's gone in without a swim tube!

Tegan, don't forget your swim tube!
  You know how I worry!

Better go see what the little guy wants!

I don't really need the swim tube,
 but I'll wear it to humor Buddy!

Water is where I belong!

There's so many sand castles to build and so little time!

Pack em tight!

Playing in the sand is the way to go for me!

The Elephant Pool

The Elephant pool!

We can run through the water

or jump in the pool!

                                                                 well, maybe not jump!

Super slide

Locked in!


The Princess and the Frog!

Maybe this frog is really my prince charming!

I will give him a kiss!

Useless frog!

It's ok Tegan, I'll drop the hammer on this no-good

Playing in the sand at Liberty Park!

This is the best sand ever!

From now on, I'm closing my eyes when MomMom
takes my picture!

Snap away, MomMom, but my 
eyes are staying closed!

Nom, Nom, Nom!

Flower pots

I will plant Zinnias today!

After you put the seeds in,
 you water the soil!

Then the seeds will grow!

It's so easy, a baby can do it!

I'm planting radishes then!
I'm the king of the Castle
and you're the dirty Rascal!

Now I'm the king

As soon as I get my sea legs on!

This is MY mountain!

So there!

All these stones are mine!

Yep, I'm the King!

Building Blocks

Don't breathe...
Uh Oh!
As the older sibling, it is incumbent on me to
 train my young brother the fine skill of building blocks!
I can't really help how good I am!
Hey!  Wait a minute!  The student can't be greater than the master!

April Evening in Tegan's Park!

One day I can only hope to be a fire fighter!
I'll show you how to slide!
Here's the flatback slide!
I prefer the traditional sliding position!
He's going to learn alot from me!
Pizza time!