Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cunningham falls lake, Memorial Weekend

I love swimming in the water.
  MomMom calls me her little water bug!

It's nice to just sit and chill out!

Or make a big splash!

Buddy won't come in the water since this is
his first time.

Wow, I am finally at the famed "Cunningham Falls"

This is where all the action is!

Oh, my I can't believe my eyes!

Great time of day, she's gone in without a swim tube!

Tegan, don't forget your swim tube!
  You know how I worry!

Better go see what the little guy wants!

I don't really need the swim tube,
 but I'll wear it to humor Buddy!

Water is where I belong!

There's so many sand castles to build and so little time!

Pack em tight!

Playing in the sand is the way to go for me!

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