Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tegan is two!

What a wonderful year Tegan has had! The joy and laughter she spreads to our world is immeasurable.

Happy Birthday to the most precious little girl on the planet! Tonight we are going to celebrate at Chuckie Cheese!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Uncle Shaunie did the unthinkable! He bought me playdough for Christmas!

This isn't the conventional stuff like he had when he was little. This is pastel playdough!

So far, all I can make is poop.

But at least it's pretty poop!

lil rock star

Sawyer's musical teether. It plays some mean riffs when you hit the button. I'm thinking Noah picked that out!


Sawyer is officially our little roller!

Too much Christmas

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

Wait! What's that?

Did I hear something prancing on our rooftop?

It's Christmas eve and Sawyer and I are getting anxious!

Everyone here is is quiet around here tonight.

I think Santa will get here early in the morning...

If they think I'm going to sleep, they need a serious reality check!

Christmas morning

Santa came!

I must have been good! At least better than I thought!

Uncle Shaun helps me unwrap!

This is hard work!~

I even have to open up Sawyer's gifts!

Hey, open more of mine!

I got a kitty cat!

This is going to take hours!

Yeah, the last one. Now I can play!

Christmas day: playing

Check out my new ride! I will be walking soon!

Yum, a dinosaur!

I just love my new wheels!

Now the artist in me can emerge! What masterpieces I will create!

Basketball is a hoot! I know all the guys will play with me!

I love my doll house! MomMom is teaching me how to play!

Christmas Part 2, the day after

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New years!

Hurray! I am the Christmas princess!

I have to pose in front of the tree, but I'm not going to smile!

Besides turning my head everytime MomMom tries to take a picture, this is what I do to push MomMom's buttons!

I feel so pretty! But truthfully, I'd rather be naked!

I had a really nice Christmas, now I can look forward to my Birthday! I am going to be two, you know and you know what that means....

The one downside of Christmas is when it ends!

I guess I can't wait for next year!

Christmas cuties!

Bubbles, you are much cuter than the real Santa Claus! Do you have any gifts for me?

I know Tegan loves me and that I am so adorable, but she always gets in my face!

Oh no, she's coming in for the kiss! Don't mess up my hat, please!

There! Now your hat is on better!

Geez, can they make these hats any tighter?

Tegan keeps calling me Ho Ho Ho...I wonder if that is appropriate!

I hope nobody will try to sit on my lap!

Don't get me wrong...I like being santa!

I just hoping they are laughing with me and not at me. I hope I don't regret these pictures in my adolescent years.

Hey, what's a guy to do?

The more things change, the more they stay the same. I still have my teething rings
and my jumper and that is comforting!

Now it's time for old Santa bean to kick back and relax...can someone please get me a ba-ba?