Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Car ride

We are going shopping tonight and it is so cold and windy!

I am going to look for toys and things I want Santa to bring me for Christmas!

I think I want a walker with cool toys and noisy things hanging off it.

I think I'm strong enough to use it, after all MomMom says I have thunder thighs and buns of steel...that means I'm strong doesn't it?

I'm still really worried about getting coal!

Yet, I always hear that I'm such a good baby, so I shouldn't worry so much.

And once Santa gets a good look at this cute mug, he'll probably load me up with toys!

So I'm not going to stress anymore!


Let's see, I've dialed PopPop before...

and I've called Mommy and Daddy before...

Maybe I can get a hold of Santa and give him the 411 on what I want for Christmas!

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