Friday, March 18, 2011

Early thoughts of Easter

A meditation

I can’t comprehend
How the Sovereign Creator
the countless star maker
who thought up the winds
and the salty blue seas
could ever consider leaving His glory
His heavenly home
with angelic hosts surrounding His throne
To be planted inside the womb of a girl
To become one of us and live in our world

I can’t quite imagine
how the Lord of Creation
could reduce Himself
to become a humble poor child
not loved but reviled
but to enter this world in a lowly way
laid in a manger on a bed of hay

My mind tries to picture Him walking among us
reaching His hand out to those who would grasp it
showing His grace to all who transgress
shining His light in the darkness
teaching whoever believes in His words
and touching their hearts with His truth

I cannot comprehend
the love and the mercy and the grace of this One
to come dwell among us
we the created, He, God's only son
To subject Himself to mockery and vicious attack
of those that he fashioned
to walk heavy laden with cross on His back…
silent and submissive to the most cursed of deaths
A lamb led to slaughter to take his last breath
To suffer as no human must
Yet he did Our Maker suffer for us
He died in our stead
and carried our burdens
To pay in full the debt for our sins

My mind tries to fathom
how He hung on that cross
receiving, yes, bearing the sins of the lost
apart from His father for the very first time
redeeming our sins, yes your sins and mine
How can I possibly understand
the love of the One whom would
love me, worthless me,
enough to pay for my sins with His own blood?

No, I cannot possibly understand
the gift that’s been given
nor the price that was paid
for the love for his children
the sacrifice made
by the countless star maker
who thought up the winds and the salty blue sea?
I will know in full
the richness of His love and the boundlessness of His grace
on the day that I step into eternity
and see Him face to face
But for now I’ll just believe Him
with all my heart and mind
and receive His gift joyfully
Until it's my time

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