Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tegan turns two

Off to my birthday party at Chuckie Cheese. The whole family is going!

There is a stage and a booth blowing tickets!

Look at all this stuff! Sorry Sawyer, you have to sit here while I have all the fun!

This is the coolest place ever! And kids get to run around!

Ok I ate all my pizza, at least the toppings off the top!

There's that old Chuckie Cheese on the stage...I am not impressed!

Can I go on the rides now?

Riding with Barney is fun!

I always knew I'd be an equestrian!

Whoa horsie, I'm ready to get off!

The slide is Tegan's favorite activity!

Wheeeeeee! Here I come!

I really like this slide!

This is so much fun!

Tegan in front of the blue screen...Am I on?

Tegan's television debut!

Reporting live from CEC T.V., this is Tegan Rose Grim!

This is for my doll house! Let's play!

Tegan loves opening presents! Good, more art stuff!

PopPop tries to persuade Tegan to blow out her candle!

I'd rather color! Why can't I just color?

Shaun has to help Tegan blow out her candle.

This is the best birthday cake!

Sawyer gets served some cake!

Cake is the bomb!

When is it my birthday?

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