Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Little Sickies

Oh, boy! Bubbles is sick today!
He sounds terrible!

What's wrong with me? I am coughing and sneezing and runny nosy.

I dot feeling good at all.

At least I finally get to play with MomMom's cell phone!


I am feeling better and like bouncing today!

I feel good enough to smile real cute!

Now I am really sick and fussy too! I just had some medicine, so I am feeling much better!

I'll just sit here quietly and play...

Duplo blocks. Everyone hates when I get these out because they have to pick them all up!

I love blocks! There's no end to what you can build!

I'm patting the floor so that MomMom knows to come sit down with me and play!

MomMom says she can't sit on the floor because her body hurts too much! That poor old bird sure is getting old! Where's PopPop when you need him?

If MomMom won't come to the blocks, the blocks will go to MomMom!

Here MomMom, play blocks with me!

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