Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow! (Even if only a few inches)

Winter’s gifts

Winter frost sprinkled across the earth’s crust
Intricate patterns are born of star dust
Designed by a heavenly artist, our Lord
A gift to all creatures, an earthly reward

Icicles drape across branches and limb
Like chandelier prisms, gently dangling
When lit by the sun, they dazzle and shine
Sparkling brilliance cast by the divine

Snowflakes are delicate gifts from above
Each one unique, created from love
They dance and they spin on there way to the ground
These celestial gifts descend without sound

Each gift from winter is a reminder to man
Of God’s redemption, his heavenly plan
As snow covers and cleanses the earth in white,
So we too will be covered and clothed in his light

Written on November 24th 2010

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