Thursday, January 27, 2011

I will miss her so much

I have to say this, to write this, about one of the dearest people in my life, the most influential person by far and my inspiration. I am speaking of Fran, my mother in law, although she was a mother to me for far longer than my own mother was. I'd like to think that she's in heaven now, telling my mom about how well I turned out after all, and that I am a mother of three outstanding children and the proud grandmother of two, my beauty and my cutie. I hope she realizes how much of an impact she's had on my life. When I joined the Robinson clan, I was welcomed in like I was an original member and she made me feel special and wanted. If not for her and Jim, college would have never happened for me. With her prompting, telling me how hard she worked to get her degree and that I could do the same, I sat at her dining room table night after night studying until I finally graduated with honors. They took care of Shaun while I was in school, making it easier for me to go to college. Because of the two of them, I was able to stay home with Shannon and Brandon when they were babies and she took care of them while I returned to work. I never experienced the anxiety that most mom's have about how my kids were during the day because she loved and took care of them. As did Jim. They both took us in and cared for us for many years. During that time, I gleaned some of her wisdom, for she always shared her experience and knowledge with me, she taught me lessons that only a Mother can teach a daughter, and I am eternally grateful. She taught me many things, actually, and I couldn't have had a wiser mentor. She was the strong woman for me, the one who I could go to with any problem. She was the one who told me, "Kathy, you get on your feet and be strong for your family". She taught me to do whatever it takes for your family, no matter what. I knew whatever was going on with me, she would listen and offer a solution. To this day, I would give her the "dirt" on what was going on in my life and by the time the conversation was through, she'd have planted a flower in that dirt. Having grandchildren of my own bought us closer together. I started my blog about them so that I could share with everyone, but especially Jim and Fran, who eagerly read it everyday. I would start my blog first thing in the morning, because Fran said she waited for it, and I appreciated that so much. Often I would get a phone call where she would laugh about the pictures and stories, which was so special to me because I knew she loved them as much as I. It will be hard for me to blog because I will think of her and probably cry because I will miss her so much. I am happy that she left a legacy in my heart, about being a woman, a wife, a mother, a grandmother and a friend. So thank you, dear Fran. I will always think of you and miss you. You are in my heart forever.

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