Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving is over

Well, Thanksgiving is over and I wasn't really impressed!

Yawn... Eating alot of food...
Whoopdeedoo! I can watch them do that any night of the week!

Turkey smurkey, I say. Much ado about nothing!

Now comes the real Holiday! Christmas! Presentville! A toyriffic treat for toddlers everywhere!

I hope I get boy toys, maybe a dump truck or some punching gloves!

Hmmm, I can just see those presents piled up high under the tree!

What if that Santa guy doesn't like me?

Tegan said if I didn't watch my step, I might not get anything for Christmas!

Or I could even get a lump of coal if I'm bad! But I'm betting she would get that before me! But I think I'm gonna nix the unnecessary screaming! Still, a lump of coal! I would be devestated!

Nah, I'm too cute for that! It's gonna be good!

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