Friday, November 12, 2010

Later that evening at the Valley Mall: Long John Silvers

We've traveled far a wide to ring Long John's bell!

Ohoy thar matie, I needs to wash it down with a wee bit of the juice!

Nom, nom, nom. The chicken and fish are good, but the hush puppies are to die for!

Sorry Sawyer, you can't eat Long John Silvers! But mommy let you lick some tartar sauce off of a french fry!

Mess? What mess?

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  1. We had an exhausting day! First the doctors, then breakfast and shopping. We took the kids home for naps and when Noah got home, Shannon and I went to two thrift stores and had a blast. Afterwords, we went up to Hagerstown and walked the mall! It was a great day!