Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Holidays!

The house is abuzz with talk of the Holidays....

We're having a butterball! Hey wait a minute, MomMom calls me a butterball...

I'll probably get mashed potatoes and gravy...heavy on the gravy, please!

maybe cranberry sauce!

I better get pumpkin pie and whipped cream....

or there will be h_ll to pay!

My mouth is watering so bad, the drool is dripping off my chin already!

And then there's all of the Christmas Activities! Whooeee!

The Tree! The lights! The ornaments! MomMom said we are having a tree safe for the babies this year...I wonder if she will hang babas and pacifiers and diapers on it?

Christmas craft nights! Family time together! Shaun and Brandon and Daddy playing guitar!

The baking! The cookies and candies!

The Christmas carols. I hear MomMom plays the Charlie Brown Christmas CD over and over! I could get into that...

Wow, the holidays really do rock!

Oh, I almost forgot about the presents!!!!

I wonder if Santa will bring me some toys even though I can't really play with them yet!

After all, I've been a good boy. And I'm oh sooooo cute!

One thing is for sure, the holidays are tiring! Why just thinking about them



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