Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The wonder and majesty of the universe I behold…
Endless galaxies span the heavens and silently unfold
the nature of our maker.

Through the lens of the Hubble telescope,
God’s creative powers are seen,
forming stars from billowing clouds
Colored gold and pink and green,
And halo-ed covered nebulae are spoken into being.

Ruby studded spirals and clusters glowing blue,
Light the paths the angels take
And streak the blackened dome.
While sprays of sparkling diamond stars
Lay still before His throne.
And somewhere beyond this beauty
Is the Lord’s home.

But greater than this beauty that my eyes are blessed to see,
Is the truth that lights the world,
At a place called Calvary…
Where Jesus died for all my sins
And now He lives in me.
And someday soon, I too shall be
Beyond the universe I see.

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  1. I wrote this 15 + years ago. I posted it on the Hubble's web site today. I wonder if it will appear!